CONNTECT! Moldflow® User Meeting 2011 - Tuesday, 17. 05. - Wednesday, 18. 05. 2011 Frankfurt



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Stream Engeneering

HRS Flow

Volume Graphics GmbH




2012 - A Strong European Community - BE PART OF IT

JOIN IN: Give a short presentation or lecture!


14. May 2012 to 15. May 2012


3. Autodesk® Moldflow® User Meeting

in Frankfurt organized by MF SOFTWARE


CONNECT! offers to you the chance to submit a lecture, e.g. extensive studies, extracts from Bachelor or Master‘s thesis or a short presentation of problems or workarounds.


You will find suggestions of topics and topic enviroments on our response form.


More information on the conference agenda and registration coming soon.


Report about your experiences with Autodesk® Moldflow®!
Find details in the attached response form.


We look forward to your participation and your cooperation.

Your Conference Chair


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