CONNTECT! Moldflow® User Meeting 2011 - Tuesday, 17. 05. - Wednesday, 18. 05. 2011 Frankfurt



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2012 - A Strong European Community - BE PART OF IT - Final Call

14. May 2012 to 15. May 2012


3. Autodesk® Moldflow® User Meeting

in Frankfurt organized by MF SOFTWARE


don’t miss to register for the CONNECT! Moldflow User Meeting 2012 that will already take place in two weeks in Frankfurt!

Live translators will accompany you through the international program. tl_files/connect_template/bilder/Uebersetzer.jpg
You can look forward to further activities:
Monday night we invite you to enjoy a dinner with all participants and piano music in front of the Frankfurt skyline.

The next morning we start with a community jogging tour before breakfast where people from PEG, MF Synventive software would be pleased to welcome you. Do not forget to pack your running shoes.



Learning by doing: In addition to the lectures we offer you the possibility to test CFD and the new Moldflow features in training sessions and to inform about Digimat. tl_files/connect_template/bilder/ATC-Trainingsraum.jpg
Information at first hand:
Development priorities of Autodesk®
Further presentations:  



 Stefan Kühne, Autodesk Inc.
Autodesk Simulation Moldflow 2013 – Current Release Topics in Practice


New features in release 2013 allow quick and easy generation of model areas that do not exist in the original CAD model. Stefan Kühne presents in his talk how this can be implemented with a new functionality of Inventor Fusion. Further developments include improved model transfer from the CADdoctor to Insight with the possibility of bi-directional connection to the Inventor Fusion and new features (Rapid Heating and Cooling technology; hot runner heater element, cartridge heater controls) in Cool (FEM) that are highlighted here in further detail.


Dr. Jan Seyfarth, e-Xstream engineering SA
Efficient Design of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic Parts using DIGIMAT Cutting Edge Technology


More and more the connection between filling and finite element simulation develops as standard for further studies of injection molding design. The paper will show the latest developments and opportunities for modeling using Moldflow and DIGIMAT. Special emphasis lays on the calculation of dynamic scenarios with explicit solvers as well as first steps toward life prediction of short fiber-reinforced components.


Frank Raunak, Autodesk Inc.
Autodesk Simulation CFD – A Supplement to Moldflow!



A uniform flow or a homogeneous temperature distribution of fluids (coolants, plastics) and tools is critical to the efficiency and quality of the plastic component in running injection molding processes.
With Autodesk simulation CFD in addition to Autodesk Moldflow Simulation can be improved the flow characteristics of a cooling medium in the cooling system, analyzed differences in viscosity of the plastic in the hot runner system and optimized the heating cycle of the tool as a function of the cooling medium and the temperature in the cooling system.
CFD simulation as a complement to Autodesk Autodesk Moldflow simulation!

We are looking forward to your participation!

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