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Report 2011: 132 participants from 12 nations

The first European Moldflow® User Meeting in Frankfurt brought together 132 people interested in Moldflow® simulation from 12 nations. Besides the eleven lectures which provided further training the multiple possibilities of information exchange were used extensively by the attendees – in round table discussions, the meantime between the lectures and during the evening event. The training with the release 2012 was encouraged also.






Day 1

The morning of the first day the presentations focused on Moldflow® Applications in connection with other programs, e.g. DIGIMAT® to predict component failure precisely.


The speakers were:


Tilman Kaiser, MAHLE Filtersysteme GmbH: Consideration of Moldflow® Results in Structural Analysis


Tobias Beck, Rhodia Engineering Plastics: MMI – Improved Prediction of Part Behavior with Moldflow® and DIGIMAT®


Mogens Papsoe, Novo Nordisk, Denmark: Material Data: What it can do for Accuracy of Moldflow® Simulations


Thibault Villette, e-Xstream engineering SA, Luxembourg: Bridging the Gap between Moldflow® Injection Simulation and the Structural Performance of Plastic Parts using DIGIMAT®


In the afternoon Andreas Wüst, BASF, Ludwigshafen continued the series of subjects with his presentation. But in-between Stefan Kühne, EMEA Autodesk® Tech. Lead Moldflow® GSS-Product Support und Senior Product Manager AMI Hanno van Raalte gave insider information about updates and developments in the Molflow® Release 2011.    

The speakers were:


Maik König, MF SOFTWARE Sales & Service Group, Darmstadt: Tips and Tricks for Modeling and Analysis


Stefan Kühne, EMEA Autodesk® Tech. Lead Moldflow® GSS-Product Support: The numerous and free Updates in the Moldflow® Release 2012 (AMI) especially in Inventor Fusion


Andreas Wüst, BASF, Ludwigshafen:  Moldflow® as integral Component of numerical Part Optimization


Hanno van Raalte, Senior Product Manager AMI: What’s new in the Autodesk® Moldflow® 2012 Products?


In the following round table discussion with Hanno van Raalte the Moldflow® users used the opportunity to ask direct questions about their applications and received answers from the product manager.


In the round table conversation the users could address their wishes to Autodesk® Moldflow® Senior Research Leader Dr. Franco Costa and learn in which areas the future development matches their expectations. Franco Costa was open for all suggestions – even though he did not cover them in his development work before. 


During the evening event which was accompanied by the soul singer Aquila Fearon the participants had lots of time and opportunity to discuss “everything around Moldflow®“ with colleagues and speakers. A peculiarity was the charity draw for the benefit of the Association for Children with Cancer and Chronic Diseases Darmstadt which yielded proceeds of 1280 €.



Day 2

On the second day besides lectures of Moldflow® users Autodesk® Moldflow® Senior Research Leader Dr. Franco Costa informed about current advances in Moldflow® software in view of future directions in plastics injection molding and their meaning for the precision of simulation results.



The speakers were:


Dr. Uwe Gleiter, Team Leader Structural Analysis, BASF, Ludwigshafen: Simulation of Long Glass Fiber reinforced Polyamide.


Dr. Andreas Schoth, Institute for Microsystem Technology, IMTEK: New Trends in Micro / Nano Injection Molding.


Ingmar Dannöhl and Markus Zapfl, Synventive Molding Solutions, Bensheim: Innovative Hot Runner Technology: Design Rules for Simulation Experts.


Dr. Xiaonan Du, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg: How can the Warpage from Moldflow®  be compared with Measuring?


Maik König, Plastics Engineering Group, Darmstadt: Large Deflection Analysis to prevent unstable Warpage Behavior.


Dr. Günter Gsellmann, Borealis, Austria: Surface Quality – Simulation of Tiger Stripes with Autodesk® Moldlfow®.


Stefan Kühne, EMEA Autodesk® Tech. Lead Moldflow® GSS-Product Support: The numerous Updates in the Moldflow® Release 2012 (AMI).


Dr. Franco Costa, Autodesk®  Moldflow®  Senior Research Leader: The mathematical Basis for Moldflow®  Simulation and current Advances in Moldflow®  Software in view of Future Developments in Injection Molding.


Concluding Thomas Wittmann expressed thanks to all participants, guests, speakers, sponsors and coworkers and announced the third User Meeting – the second with invitation to all European Moldflow® users - for May or June next year.   




Hint: All presentations and numerous pictures are at the participant’s disposal in the download area (registration required).


Six questions for Autodesk® Moldflow® Senior Research Leader Dr. Franco Costa


tl_files/connect_template/bilder/costa---play-button.jpgQuestion: Dr. Costa how did you like the second CONNECT! User Meeting?


Question: Which presentation impressed you most?

tl_files/connect_template/bilder/costa---play-button.jpgQuestion:What questions concern Moldflow® users currently?

tl_files/connect_template/bilder/costa---play-button.jpgQuestion: Could you give satisfying answers and can you give an example?

tl_files/connect_template/bilder/costa---play-button.jpgQuestion: Will you take certain questions into consideration for the release 2013?

tl_files/connect_template/bilder/costa---play-button.jpgQuestion: Can you already give some information about the release 2013 and future developments?



We thank you for the interview and wish you a pleasant trip back to Australia.


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