CONNTECT! Moldflow® User Meeting 2011 - Tuesday, 17. 05. - Wednesday, 18. 05. 2011 Frankfurt



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2010 - CONNECT! Moldflow® User Meeting 2010 Reflection

The first user meeting in the era of Autodesk is an “incentive for the future” – this is the conclusion of the organizer MF SOFTWARE Sales and Service Group GmbH.



The positive feedback by more than 80 participants for the two day event confirms the combination of workshops and lectures.


In four thematic User Innovation Sessions the participants collected and prioritized their wishes and important ideas for future developments. After a day plenty of successful and concentrated work a dinner combined with diverting entertainment followed: The two comedians “Wolf and Bleuel” fully met the guest’s taste with their program that covered Autodesk® and Moldflow® topics.


The day ended with an auction to help children with cancer.


The first day’s general good mood continued the second day which was reflected in stimulating conversations.

“Error sources from the perspective of an expert” by Klaus Peter Bänsch followed high-profile lectures about “Integrative Simulation” by the companies TICONA and BASF.

The participants could collect worthy information from the sessions: Tips and Tricks suggested by users, MF SOFTWARE hotline consultants and representatives from Autodesk®.


The series of lectures was completed by Hanno van Raalte. The representative for Autodesk®’s US development centers provided insights and outlooks into current technologies from Autodesk®:


  • Radium Lab Release (new fiber orientation, short and long glass fiber technology, integration of a finished crystallization model, new 3D solver for transient temperature control system calculations and a feature expansion to identify and avoid errors in mould filling caused by inadequate vent)
  • Krypton Technology (free test-plug-in for inventor and solidworks to prove feasibility, cost impact on the environment of constructions in progress in CAD environment in real-time)
  • Cumulus project (test phase of cloud computing test, supply of unlimited computing power for big models, lots of variations  without hardware) 


Moldflow® Users who could not take part at the CONNECT! 2010 Moldflow® User Meeting have the opportunity to use the K Fair to update: You will find Autodesk Moldflow® and MF SOFTWARE at K-Fair in Hall 11, station G73.


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