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2015 - CONNECT! European Moldflow User Meeting 2015 - Report

The community continues to grow


The 6th CONNECT! European Moldflow User Meeting clarifies a strong customer focus




Future oriented innovations were presented at the 6th CONNECT! European Moldflow User Meeting at end of June, which was attended by more than 160 participants from 16 different countries:
Professor Dr. Uwe Gleiter, who is currently lecturer at the Applied University of Heilbronn in the range of plastics processing, engineering mechanics (teaching) and different injection molding topics (research), will join the MF SOFTWARE GmbH and PEG Plastics Engineering Group, both located in Darmstadt. Here he will support the Mechanical Simulation / FEM sector.


For Moldflow customers this means high competence at queries on strength calculations and extended training capacities.
Furthermore, Autodesk consistently focuses on the co-development by Moldflow users. The managing director of MF SOFTWARE Sven Theissen and the Autodesk product manager Hanno van Raalte, both enhance that the new release 2016 is characterized by customer input more than ever before. And this should be maintained in future.

Once again Caroline Dorin, Autodesk offered individual meeting to interrogate the acceptance of development ideas and to understand customer-specific requirements. The dates were fully booked at both days.


In addition to the new functions such as heating/cooling technology, valve gate controller, micro-cellular injection molding, export of the warped CAD model or the long awaited visualization of the particle traces, Autodesk did not neglect the special topics. The new release 2016 was supplemented by useful convenience features to the user interface, the layer manager and at the mesh generation. Even the productivity can be improved with the new topics Solver API, License Borrowing und License Tracking.


But Autodesk turned out clearly, that besides the calculation methods the focus of the development teams will be equally on further gain in the accuracy of the simulation results to keep the lead or even increase it. That is the duty of a leader.


The “voting right” of the Moldflow users and the development efforts from Autodesk are reflected in the barometer of atmosphere, an annual survey during the CONNECT! event.


Satisfaction was also concerning the whole event: from “optimally tuned lecture program” to “successful event with comfortable atmosphere”.


The presentations ranged from tool technology to fiber orientation prediction and up to special topic. News within the tool technology were for example Cool FEM in the gate area of hot runner systems, Husky, Induction Heating, RocTool, or the control of needle valve nozzles, Synventive.


The senior manager Thomas Wittmann sees the traditionally unvarnished criticism as a source for new innovations: “From where else should we know what we need to improve?”


The final prospect from the senior development manager Dr. Franco Costa (Autodesk) referred to future technology enhancements, which are partly already available in the new Scandium release, has left a lasting impression. We can already look forward to the next release.


Two questions to Autodesk® Moldflow® Simulation Technology Director Russel Speight



1. Question:
The vision of Autodesk is oriented primarily on the requirements of customers who are willing to spend money for individualized products. How does that influence Moldflow?





2. Question:
The Release 2016 has many new features. Will that continue in future and our customers be asked to engage themselves more intensively?










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