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Registration Training 07.06.2018


Training day on 07.06.2018

The day after the CONNECT! 2018 you have the opportunity to take part in a training day at reduced prices (480 €).

The following topics are offered:

  1. API Trial Workshop
  2. Introduction to Anisotropic Mechanics
  3. Update Training AMI 2019
  4. Associate Certification Exam

General conditions of cancelation: Your registration is binding in order to plan and organize our events. Cancelations are accepted with a processing fee of 75€ plus VAT in written format  until 14 days before the event starts. We hope for your understanding that in case of a later cancelation we will have to charge the full registration fee. The nomination of a deputy from your company is possible at any time.

We reserve the right to change the program and cancel the event. In case of cancelation you will be informed immediately. MF SOFTWARE GmbH is not responsible for any additional costs or other disadvantages incurred by a rejection of the event.

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