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2016 - Join. Learn. Be Inspired. - Report

More than 170 participants from 20 countries at the 7th CONNECT! European Moldflow User Meeting in Frankfurt


Collage Nachlese 2016


About 170 participants attended top-level presentations which in 2016 were focused on the subject of lightweight construction . During the breaks participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences or to visit the accompanying exhibition. Here they could get information to Moldflow adjacent products such as GOM visualization software, hot runner systems or strength calculation. There was also the possibility to become familiar with financial concepts of Autodesk Simulation products through the Autodesk Financing Bank.


tl_files/connect_template/bilder/news/2016/Logo-VKKD.jpgThe CONNECT! was completed with an evening program on the subject of football. In the traditional charity campaign more than 2000 € were donated for children with cancer and chronically ill children.

Information about the association for children with cancer and chronically ill children can be found here:


MF SOFTWARE would like to thank all participants, exhibitors and speakers for their support and active participation.



The 8th CONNECT! European Moldflow User Meeting 2017 will take place on 03rd + 04th May 2017

If you would like to give a presentation yourself at the next event, please contact Claudia Jehn. Your presentations are welcome.


Exclusive interview with Autodesk® Senior Research Leader Dr. Franco Costa



The 7th CONNECT! European Moldflow User Meeting this year is driven by Automotive light weight design, especially topics like foaming technologies and the use of bi- or uni-directional part inserts.

Please let me ask 2 question related to these topics:


1. Foaming
Within the last Moldflow Software releases Autodesk provided a couple of new features and technology regarding the simulation of physical and chemical foaming in injection molding processes.

Which further foaming enhancements can we, the users, expect in the upcoming releases?





2. Helius, Nastran, Draping
Today we saw on CONNECT! 2016 user presentations combining Moldflow software with adjacent technologies as non isotropic FEA or injection force prediction or draping of organo sheets taking separate Autodesk software tools or third party software solutions into account. Beside the current availability of Autodesk Helius and Autodesk Nastran.

Does Autodesk plan to provide further Moldflow integrated solutions, like Helius or Nastran for organo sheet forming?





3. 3D Residual Stress / CRIMS
Today we saw that Autodesk is developing a new Residual Stress based 3D solver technology for the Moldflow software. For shell elements you have the combination of the Residual Stress model and CRIMS coefficients to enable high accuracy in predicting shrinkage and warpage results since more than a decade.

What about CRIMS for the new Residual Stress 3D solver technology?





4. R&D – Balance between Software Development & Material Property Availability
The development of injection molding simulation software enhancements and the coupled characterization of polymer data should work hand in hand generally.

How do you see the balance, does current polymer data fits to simulation software capabilities?





My / our last question is focused on observations regarding general transformations within IT business.


5. Cloud

How do you see cloud acceptance in Germany / Europe and what possibilities do you see will become available thanks to this cloud technology?






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