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2017 - CONNECT! - The Moldflow Universe - Invitation


8. CONNECT! European Moldflow® User Meeting


May 3rd and 4th, 2016 in Frankfurt/Main


The registration for the 8th CONNECT! European Moldflow User Meeting is open

The CONNECT! European Moldflow User Meeting will take place in Frankfurt / Main on May 3 and 4, 2017, under the motto "The Moldflow Universe". The conference offers lectures from science and practice, information on new features in the Moldflow software as well as reports on development topics and research projects. In addition to the opportunity for professional exchange, Hands-On Labs and an accompanying specialist exhibition expand the range.




tl_files/connect_template/bilder/news/2017/Jay_Shoemaker.jpg   We successfully managed to invite Jay Shoemaker, Principal Learning Content Developer from Autodesk. He is the developer of Moldflow training material and manages the Moldflow certification program. He will be happy to answer any questions and to discuss your knowledge of using Moldflow software.
On Friday, May 5, you can participate in an Associate Certification Exam led by Jay Shoemaker. If you are interested in participating in the exam please get in contact with Claudia Jehn


Inform yourself about first lectures from the program of events in 2017:



Simulation of gas injection handles in the automotive sector - An experience report

Dr. Sarah Frauholz & Christian Janßen, Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co. KG (D)

One possibility for reducing the weight of door handles is the gas injection technique. Further objectives of the process are constant wall thicknesses, less sink marks and reduced / more uniform warpage. During the entire product development, the gas injection handles are simulated using Moldflow to obtain early information about the part quality. The comparison between practice and simulation is an important part to verify the results.


Simulation of the influence of the thermal properties of the tool steel on the injection molding process

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Thomas Lucyshyn, Montanuniversität Leoben (A)

In a large-scale parameter study Autodesk Moldflow Insight was used in more than 170 simulations to analyze the thermal properties of the tool steel affect the injection molding process (in particular cycle time as well as shrinkage and warpage). The study was carried out on 2 wall thickness variations of a simple box. Two different Böhler tool steels with significantly different thermal conductivity (about factor 2) were used. The calculations were carried out with 18 different polymers of the most common material families. As expected, the higher thermal conductivity of the steel caused cycle time reduction.

However, the range of the achieved effect (<5% to over 25%) was surprising. It strongly depends on the polymer or the process parameters as well as on the wall thickness of the component. The degree of the achievable cycle time reduction was determined by the ratio of the temperature differences between mass and mold temperature on the one hand and / or the ratio between the ejction and mold temperature on the other hand. On the basis of these process parameters it is also possible to predict the expected cycle time reduction for other polymers.


We are looking forward to an interesting event with your participation.


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