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A Strong Connection

MF SOFTWARE Sales & Service Group GmbH and PEG - Plastics Engineering Group GmbH


A strong partnership consisting of a sales and service partner exclusively specialized in Autodesk® Moldflow® software product lines and a Moldflow® consultant who is active in the European market for more than twenty years.  


This combination of a distributor with direct access to the development centre and the material testing labs of Autodesk® completed by the experience of nearly 11000 consulting projects offers a solid basis for comprehensive support services which cover the standard software operation as well as professional viewpoints of the injection molding and tooling technology.


MF SOFTWARE Sales & Service Group GmbH


Founded September 2009 as a spin off of the Moldflow® consultant PEG who is active in the field of Moldflow® since more than two decades. The authorized Autodesk® Reseller exclusively distributes the Autodesk® product series Moldflow® Adviser (AMA), Moldflow® Insight (AMI) and CFD. At the time of the foundation Managing Director Sven Theissen has already been Gold Certified Moldflow® Consultant for years. Today he is Gold Certified Expert also.


Core services are:

  • Europe wide hotline support in German and English language
  • accident service within 24 hours for subscription customers
  • industry specific training for Adviser and Insight series
  • interpretation workshop for decision makers, project leaders, toolmakers, installers and so on
  • special trainings in preparation for the associate and professional certification tests
  • material characterization service


Together with our clients we develop solutions to match the specific requirements of their company. This applies to the software configuration as well as to the definition of individual training concepts.


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PEG Plastics Engineering Group GmbH

is a leading supplier of engineering services for the development of plastics products and the simulation of plastic part manufacturing processes.

PEG´s core business is the optimization of injection molds, of injection moldings and of the
injection molding process using Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® software products. Major companies
from the chemical, automotive and consumer electronics industries and their suppliers
worldwide rely on PEG as their preferred partner for simulation and analysis and use PEG to
complement and to extend their internal simulation capabilities.
PEG, as the first German certified consulting partner of Digimat in 2012, offers now services in the area of process coupled structural mechanics.


Services & flexible capacities:

  • Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow®analyses (midplane / DualDomain / 3D)
  • standard simulation tasks: filling analyses, shrinkage and warpage analyses, cooling system analyses
  • special simulation tasks: gas-assist, co-injection, 2K overmolding, injection compression molding, MuCell, Dynamic Feed® ...
  • Structural analysis of various load cases on plastic-, metal- and composite-parts:
    Internal pressure, crash- and droptests, thermal load cases, tool-dimensioning, consideration of fibre orientation on fibre-filled parts and the effect on the mechanical behaviour, optimization regarding simulation results
  • Midplane modelling and meshing service for several numerical simulation applications

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